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The Healthcare Consolidation Craze and Tax Reform

Consolidation Reshaping Healthcare

There was blockbuster news this weekend when it was confirmed that CVS Health will buy Aetna in the largest ever healthcare deal. The recent rumors have spawned talk of many other mergers.

Why would CVS want to buy Aetna? It’s simple. It is all about the numbers and the future of healthcare.

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Why Medicaid is Good - Part 2

If you missed Part 1, Read it now. 

Medicaid has become a polarizing subject in Washington over the years. Many Democrats view Medicaid as their Holy Grail (and their no-holds-barred defense of anything government entitlement sometimes reminds us more of the Monty Python version). Tinkering with it at all is sinful, no matter how in need of reform.

At the opposite end of things, many Republicans have a knee-jerk reaction to anything government-funded. If the modern-day GOP were the rulers in...

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